The most popular handbook about the Deaf community

Is this book for Deaf people too?

Yes! Deaf people, this book is for you, too! Here’s why:

    Q: I already know what it’s like to be Deaf. Why should I read this book?

  1. To learn more about your own culture and community.
  2. Also to understsand yourself better.
  3. Then you can explain these things to hearing people more easily.

    Q: I use ASL, not English. how can this book help me?

  1. HPO is written in simple, clear English.
  2. After reading HPO, you will have a better choice of words to explain your culture, community, history, and experience.
  3. If you buy a copy for yourself, you will improve your own understanding of your Deaf identify.

    Q: I teach a college sign-language class. Should I order this book for my students?

  1. Yes. HPO will save you time and energy. It will free you from having to answer many of the questions typically posed by beginning students.
  2. HPO can easily be worked into your teaching schedule. You can assign one or more chapters for students to read on their own after each class session. The following day, you can have them write essays to measure what they’ve learned, or have an informal discussion in class.
  3. You will be free to focus on teaching sign language, knowing that your students are getting a good background in the basics of Deaf culture.
  4. You can have better, more informed discussions of controversial issues and hot topics in the Deaf community.

Why this book is a perfect gift for the hearing people in your life:

  1. Are you tired of having to answer the same old questions?
  2. Tired of having to explain your culture to hearing people over and over again? HPO is a thoughtful and timely gift.
  3. If you buy a copy of HPO for your parents, kids, boss, co-worker, teacher, student, relative, friend, neighbor, or legislator, imagine the time and trouble this book will save you!

A bit more explanation:

For Hearing People Only is just as much for deaf people as it is for hearing people. How’s that? The authors wrote it from their own experience as Deaf people, to educate uninformed hearing people about Deaf issues, AND to free other Deaf people from having to answer the same questions over and over again.

HPO offers concise, non-technical answers to many of the questions deaf people have been asked . . . and are still being asked. Some of these questions are difficult to answer when they come up in the course of a casual conversation, especially when they involve a detailed explanation. Ever try to explain the significance of the Milan Congress of 1880 when you have to be somewhere else in 2 minutes? HPO can help. It educates hearing readers in a palatable way. Deaf readers can also use HPO to brush up on their knowledge of Deaf history, social and linguistic issues, and see what other Deaf people have to say about the challenges of coping in everyday life.

Deaf readers have told us how much they appreciate having such a book available. It makes their lives a bit easier. By having their new boss, co-worker, teacher, student, relative, friend, neighbor or legislator read HPO, they know that these people’s attitudes are bound to change for the better. After reading HPO themselves, Deaf people can answer hearing people’s questions with new confidence. HPO is an entertaining, enjoyable way to raise Deaf awareness—for themselves or others.

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